Falls Hair Trends for 2012

brigitte bardot hair

2012 afro
tousled flapper bob
If your thinking wow I remember these looks or have seen them in vinatage magazines, well you are correct because they have revamped theirselves for Fall trends 2012. From the  1920’s flapper style to Briggite Bardo of the 60’s with the updo and the afro and natural styles of the 1970’s.
The question to ask is what hair trend are you happy about returning or maybe not so happy? Me personally love the natural styles especially seeing how many have been coming down the red carpet.

Some hints when choosing career?

Does finding the right career seem to be more like a chore for you? Well maybe these hints will help you:

Finding the Right Career

1. What is your passion?

2. What industry are you really passionate about and are you able to figure out why?

3. When you look for jobs which ones are appealing to you right away?

4. How patient are you when choosing path?

5. Having direction.

These are some things to think about when looking into your career path, also be honest with yourself and avoid obstacles such as: I am to old to change careers, its to hard to change careers. It does not happen over night but it is the greatest feeling to do something you are passionate about for a career and not just dreaming of  it. This website will offer you more detail on this subject! www.helpguide.org/life/finding_career.com


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