Simplicity with a Fashionable Twist!!

YES! YES! YES! Encore are yall out there Encore! This array of fashion from French Textile Collection from AAU at Mercedes-Benz week 2013  is amazing. Have you ever witnessed creativity in such a way? Look at how much detail is just inside the very first design in the silk shirt, it almost looks as if it is Marilyn Monroe. The silhouettes are totally amazing everything just seems to fall in place on each model. The african model who they decided to put in all white really knocks me off my feet because it makes her skin look so vibrant and the glow is out this world, not to mention how the white flowing jacket up against her skin just leaves one speechless. This item is paired with a white jacket and white shorts above the knee which reminds you of  a decade that has passed but glamour never leaves the eye of the beholder. The pants suit was very clever they took something from being completely boring to down right chic and sophisticated! Very simple to some but to fashion insiders alike its brilliant. Well whoever said there is no twist in simplicity were proven wrong after this collection because print patterns were mixed with solids for this collection and pulled together very well. The colors in this look are very classic and also seen down various runways this season,  black and white but they didn’t stop there they made the jacket sheer so that the print possibly Loui Vitton inspired would be the focal piece of the outfit! The shoes all very simple vintage shoes from previous decades as well, which also gave the collection it’s very classy appearance. These looks can be worn by your career fashionista, your fabulous fashionista who is just fabulous just because and your very classy lady who loves to do the unthinkable. When I looked over the collection,I noticed that the models also were wearing a big trend that is so going right now the ponytail that sits the side of the head with a long tucked swoop. The makeup is very minimal but simply gorgeous I tell you and they truly coined the statement “Less is More!” This collection did not include any accessories because the clothing spoke for itself in a major way! Fashion is such a beautiful thing! In the words of the late great Coco Chanel ” A girl should be two things classy and fabulous” well they passed the test!


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