The unthinkable has happen….. Tom Ford has a new name “Daddy”

Tom Ford and Richard Buckley

Did everyone take a deep breath like I did when I saw this news? Ok I can wait because I was speechless! Wow! Mr. Gucci himself has now become a father belong side longtime partner of 25 years.  Reports say that when interviewing Tom he has had a desire for children, and it has happen finally. Yes, it has happen but how will they fit this new responsibility into life as they know it? The child’s name is Alexander John Buckley (sounds like royalty yes I know). They seem very ecstatic about this new life, there has been tweets from Cathy Horyn to among others about this latest gossip. Yet do they say how this all came about or how long was this in the works  because it has really blown the fashion industry away! So everyone knows what is next of course probably a baby collection by Tom Ford, or a baby accessory line such as baby bags and bibs you name it! Hint (Rachel Zoe). When I heard about this I said to myself will this become a trend just like fashion itself designer couples will be announcing baby births and sending birth announcements via twitter? Well I guess only time and fashion will tell and of course all the notorious social networks! Who do you think will follow suit? Or should I say follow Tom Ford?


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