In my opinion street style is?

“What is your definition of your personal style “Mista Relitee”

  Personal would be comfort first, especially because of the line of work that I do there is a lot of movement involved. But style t also, always making sure I have a stylish flare meaning having accessories (hats,shoes) to compliment my outfit.

What is your definition of fashion?

Honestly to be in tuned with your own self, being comfortable with what you’re wearing and  being a versatile with your style.Just have to remember not to over due your accessories, for example when you are dressed up keep accessories at a minimum and when dressing down you can add more to bring the outfit to life.

Good day! My name is Alicia and I think style is…..

(At the Midwest Hair and Beauty Expo in Rosemont, IL)

Alicia how would you define your personal style?

“My style is so over the top yet very classy, I like to be versatile with fashion being that I work in the beauty industry (lol). But it is very edgy but with sophistication, I mean who else is rocking this mushroom style from the 70’s not many so that also says alot about my style.”

What is your definition of fashion?

“Wow, it’s what you make of it, I mean it is such a art form that you have to be able to be comfortable with what moves you. Your fashion should speak volumes about you and your personality almost telling a story. Fashion is fun and te sky is the limit on how you bring it across to others.

Homeless Chic? Jeff Vogelsbrg (The Tattoo Artist)

So Jeff how would you describe your personal style?

My style I consider to be “homeless chic” (lol). I mean but with the rocker edge mixed in I will even goe as far as wear butterfly collars like they wore in the 70’s with printed pants, yes  but it’s true that’s my style. When I am working I usually wear jeans like you see in this photo and a shirt because of the comfort and I am glad that you caught me at home in between blasting out a fabulous tattoo in total comfort.

What is your definition of fashion?

In my opinion there is two kinds of fashion, one is  what people wear and what people feel is popular and mainstream. It is really what you wear and the presentation that you convey with it would probably describe my fashion definition.