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I am very apologetic about not blogging for so long everyone, I have had so much going on but now I can once again focus on my blogging so I hope that I am understood, because now I’m bacccckk….

Fashion is so dear to me in everything I do, all the way down to my nail polish (lol!) So in that being said how is your relationship with fashion??? Is it a lifestyle for you? etc,, do sharebronner brothers april-may pics 039



In my opinion street style is?

“What is your definition of your personal style “Mista Relitee”

  Personal would be comfort first, especially because of the line of work that I do there is a lot of movement involved. But style t also, always making sure I have a stylish flare meaning having accessories (hats,shoes) to compliment my outfit.

What is your definition of fashion?

Honestly to be in tuned with your own self, being comfortable with what you’re wearing and  being a versatile with your style.Just have to remember not to over due your accessories, for example when you are dressed up keep accessories at a minimum and when dressing down you can add more to bring the outfit to life.

Good day! My name is Alicia and I think style is…..

(At the Midwest Hair and Beauty Expo in Rosemont, IL)

Alicia how would you define your personal style?

“My style is so over the top yet very classy, I like to be versatile with fashion being that I work in the beauty industry (lol). But it is very edgy but with sophistication, I mean who else is rocking this mushroom style from the 70’s not many so that also says alot about my style.”

What is your definition of fashion?

“Wow, it’s what you make of it, I mean it is such a art form that you have to be able to be comfortable with what moves you. Your fashion should speak volumes about you and your personality almost telling a story. Fashion is fun and te sky is the limit on how you bring it across to others.

Homeless Chic? Jeff Vogelsbrg (The Tattoo Artist)

So Jeff how would you describe your personal style?

My style I consider to be “homeless chic” (lol). I mean but with the rocker edge mixed in I will even goe as far as wear butterfly collars like they wore in the 70’s with printed pants, yes  but it’s true that’s my style. When I am working I usually wear jeans like you see in this photo and a shirt because of the comfort and I am glad that you caught me at home in between blasting out a fabulous tattoo in total comfort.

What is your definition of fashion?

In my opinion there is two kinds of fashion, one is  what people wear and what people feel is popular and mainstream. It is really what you wear and the presentation that you convey with it would probably describe my fashion definition.

My name is Zemyna but you can call me Zee!!

This up and coming stylist is really going to be something great in the beauty industry.

She currently just finished beauty school and awaits her date to take her boards to become liscensed, while working at Sally Beauty Supply in Chicago IL.

I have had the honor of working side by side with her and just watching her grow into quite the professional. I had the honor of interviewing her so stay tuned and watch!

Hi Zee how are you?

I am okay Alana I am so excited that you are the first to interview me.

What is your favorite past time?

I adore doing hair and making people beuatiful!

Do you consider yourself a fashionista and why?

Yes I do because my style is very unique and funky and often I am outspoken among my friends.

o?n Jersey Shore or even Jerseylicious?

OMGGG! yes all the time,  but don’t get me wrong I am a fan of both shows. It is just that I had my look way before they made it a staple look, even in high school my hair became higher and higher by the year! (lol)

What and who inspires you?

Seeing people happy once you have made them beautiful and maybe even giving them inspiration. The person who inspires me the most in the beauty industry is Kim Vo, because he came to the states with nothing like myself and has became one of the most famous stylist.

How long have you been in the industry?

It’s been two years now but I been interested since I was a little girl.

What sets you aside from stylist who are also trying to brand their name and leave their mark in the industry?

Alot of stylist are set in doing only certain things and I refuse to put myslef in a box and not expand onto bigger and better things in my career.

What is one big misconception about beauticians?

People think that it is just a past time, not a real job and its s0 easy but really it is the total opposite.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In a salon preferably a high-ranked salon and maintaining a huge clientel.

If presented with the oppurtunity to do bridal hair and consulting in your future would you and why?

Yes, absolutely there is so much money in bridal hair and it is a good way to expand your  career. I keep up with all current trends and styles because that is what you need in this industry.


The unthinkable has happen….. Tom Ford has a new name “Daddy”

Tom Ford and Richard Buckley

Did everyone take a deep breath like I did when I saw this news? Ok I can wait because I was speechless! Wow! Mr. Gucci himself has now become a father belong side longtime partner of 25 years.  Reports say that when interviewing Tom he has had a desire for children, and it has happen finally. Yes, it has happen but how will they fit this new responsibility into life as they know it? The child’s name is Alexander John Buckley (sounds like royalty yes I know). They seem very ecstatic about this new life, there has been tweets from Cathy Horyn to among others about this latest gossip. Yet do they say how this all came about or how long was this in the works  because it has really blown the fashion industry away! So everyone knows what is next of course probably a baby collection by Tom Ford, or a baby accessory line such as baby bags and bibs you name it! Hint (Rachel Zoe). When I heard about this I said to myself will this become a trend just like fashion itself designer couples will be announcing baby births and sending birth announcements via twitter? Well I guess only time and fashion will tell and of course all the notorious social networks! Who do you think will follow suit? Or should I say follow Tom Ford?

Simplicity with a Fashionable Twist!!

YES! YES! YES! Encore are yall out there Encore! This array of fashion from French Textile Collection from AAU at Mercedes-Benz week 2013  is amazing. Have you ever witnessed creativity in such a way? Look at how much detail is just inside the very first design in the silk shirt, it almost looks as if it is Marilyn Monroe. The silhouettes are totally amazing everything just seems to fall in place on each model. The african model who they decided to put in all white really knocks me off my feet because it makes her skin look so vibrant and the glow is out this world, not to mention how the white flowing jacket up against her skin just leaves one speechless. This item is paired with a white jacket and white shorts above the knee which reminds you of  a decade that has passed but glamour never leaves the eye of the beholder. The pants suit was very clever they took something from being completely boring to down right chic and sophisticated! Very simple to some but to fashion insiders alike its brilliant. Well whoever said there is no twist in simplicity were proven wrong after this collection because print patterns were mixed with solids for this collection and pulled together very well. The colors in this look are very classic and also seen down various runways this season,  black and white but they didn’t stop there they made the jacket sheer so that the print possibly Loui Vitton inspired would be the focal piece of the outfit! The shoes all very simple vintage shoes from previous decades as well, which also gave the collection it’s very classy appearance. These looks can be worn by your career fashionista, your fabulous fashionista who is just fabulous just because and your very classy lady who loves to do the unthinkable. When I looked over the collection,I noticed that the models also were wearing a big trend that is so going right now the ponytail that sits the side of the head with a long tucked swoop. The makeup is very minimal but simply gorgeous I tell you and they truly coined the statement “Less is More!” This collection did not include any accessories because the clothing spoke for itself in a major way! Fashion is such a beautiful thing! In the words of the late great Coco Chanel ” A girl should be two things classy and fabulous” well they passed the test!

Falls Hair Trends for 2012

brigitte bardot hair

2012 afro
tousled flapper bob
If your thinking wow I remember these looks or have seen them in vinatage magazines, well you are correct because they have revamped theirselves for Fall trends 2012. From the  1920’s flapper style to Briggite Bardo of the 60’s with the updo and the afro and natural styles of the 1970’s.
The question to ask is what hair trend are you happy about returning or maybe not so happy? Me personally love the natural styles especially seeing how many have been coming down the red carpet.

Some hints when choosing career?

Does finding the right career seem to be more like a chore for you? Well maybe these hints will help you:

Finding the Right Career

1. What is your passion?

2. What industry are you really passionate about and are you able to figure out why?

3. When you look for jobs which ones are appealing to you right away?

4. How patient are you when choosing path?

5. Having direction.

These are some things to think about when looking into your career path, also be honest with yourself and avoid obstacles such as: I am to old to change careers, its to hard to change careers. It does not happen over night but it is the greatest feeling to do something you are passionate about for a career and not just dreaming of  it. This website will offer you more detail on this subject! www.helpguide.org/life/finding_career.com


Welcome Couturendzs!

My name is Alana Brown,I am from Chicago IL and love the world of fashion! In my blog I plan to inform you about latest trend reports and news. Also about career and money advice, current hair and beauty trends. What could be more exiciting? I have been in the industry for sometime now and it has been a passion for me since I was four. I want to inform my blog community in these areas so that you are well informed. Now that you have entered my world lets get started!